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Welcome to our betting platform! We are absolutely thrilled to have you here with us. Your presence adds a special touch to our gathering and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to share this moment with you.

At our place, we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth, inclusion, and hospitality. Whether you’re here for a special occasion, a community event, or simply to explore what we have to offer, please know that you are valued and appreciated.

We hope that your time with us is filled with joy, laughter, and meaningful connections. If there is anything we can do to enhance your experience or make you feel more at home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff or volunteers. Austria team is here to explain you all, how we work. If you are serious GAMBLER, you will enjoy our winning matches. Be part of our team and make money together with us!

Once again, welcome! Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us. We look forward to creating wonderful memories together.

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Austria Team

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Here you can see our last winning's, click the link to see all our winnings:

​​Date: 18.05.2024
Austria: Bundesliga
Match: Wolfsberger AC – Tirol
Pick: 2/1 Odd: 23.00 Result: 0:1 / 3:1
Croatia: HNL
Match: Slaven Belupo – D.Zagreb
Pick: 1/2 Odd: 19.00 Result: 1:0 / 2:3
Double Full Odd: 437.00
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​​Date: 04.05.2024
Germany: Bundesliga 2
Match: Hansa Rostock – Kralsruher SC
Pick: 1/2 Odd: 23.00 Result: 1:0 / 1:2
Scotland: League One
Match: Montrose – Queen of South
Pick: 2/1 Odd: 34.00 Result: 0:2 / 3:2
Double Full Odd: 782.00
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​​Date: 27.04.2024
England: League Two
Match: Wrexham – Stockport County
Pick: 2/1 Odd: 21.00 Result: 0:1 / 2:1
Portugal: Liga 2
Match: Maritimo – Feirense
Pick: 2/1 Odd: 21.00 Result: 0:1 / 3:1
Double Full Odd: 441.00
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Date: 20.04.2024
Sctoland: League Two
Match: Forfar Atheltic – East Fife
Pick:2/1 Odd: 29.00 Result: 0:1 / 2:1
Italy: Serei B
Match: Lecco – Venezia
Pick: 1/2 Odd: 21.00 Result: 1:0 / 1:2
Double Full Odd: 609.00
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Date: 13.04.2024
England: League One
Match: Port Vale – Exeter
Pick: 1/2 Odd: 34.00 Result: 2:0 / 2:4
Finland: Veikkausliga
Match: Iilves – Gnistan
Pick: 1/2 Odd: 41.00 Result: 2:0 / 4:6
Double Full Odd: 1394.00
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Here you can see our last winnings:
Date: 23.05.2025
Bolivia: Division Profesional
Match: Aurora – Bolivar
Tip: X Odd: 3.30 Result: 1:1 WIN



Contact us on WhatsApp: +381 616 896650

Soccer analytics is a field that involves the use of data analysis and statistical methods to gain insights into various aspects of soccer, such as player performance, team tactics, match outcomes, and more. Here are some key areas of soccer analytics:

  1. Player Performance Analysis: Analyzing individual player performance metrics such as goals scored, assists, pass completion rates, tackles won, distance covered, and other relevant statistics to assess a player's effectiveness on the field.
  2. Team Performance Analysis: Evaluating team performance based on metrics such as possession percentage, shots on goal, goals conceded, successful passes, and other team-level statistics to understand strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Tactical Analysis: Studying team formations, playing styles, and strategic decisions made by coaches during matches. This includes analyzing passing patterns, pressing intensity, defensive shape, and attacking strategies.
  4. Opponent Analysis: Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of opposing teams through data analysis to develop strategies for upcoming matches. This may involve studying past performances, playing styles, and key player attributes.
  5. Predictive Modeling: Using historical data to build predictive models that forecast match outcomes, player performance, and other relevant factors. These models often incorporate advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms.
  6. Scouting and Recruitment: Utilizing analytics to identify talented players and potential transfer targets. This involves analyzing player statistics, physical attributes, and other relevant data to assess their suitability for a team.
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Austria Free Soccer Pick

Austria Free Soccer Pick

Austria Free Soccer Pick

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soccer odd

 ​​​26 May 2024 ( Sunday )

Italy Serie A
Match: Lazio  vs  Sassuolo
Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.60  Result:

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 ​​​25 May 2024 ( Saturday )

Netherlands  Eredivisie – Relegation – Play Offs
Match: Excelsior  vs  Den Haag
Tip: BTS-YES  Odd: 1.55  Result: 7:1

 ​​​24 May 2024 ( Friday )

Spain: LaLiga
Match: Girona – Granada
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals Odd: 1.40 Result: 7:0

 ​​​23 May 2024 ( Thursday )

Bolivia: Division Profesional
Match: SA Bulo Bulo – Royal Pari
Tip: Over 2.5 Goals Odd: 1.65 Result: 0:3

Soccer statistics cover a wide range of data points and metrics that are used to analyze and understand various aspects of the game. These statistics can be used by coaches, analysts, players, and fans to evaluate team and player performance, make tactical decisions, and gain insights into different aspects of the sport. Here are some common types of soccer statistics:

  1. Goals and Assists: Basic statistics tracking the number of goals scored and assists provided by players. This includes goals scored from open play, set pieces, penalties, etc.
  2. Shots: The number of shots taken by a player or team during a match, including shots on target and off target.
  3. Passing Accuracy: The percentage of successful passes completed by a player or team. This can be broken down into different areas of the pitch and types of passes.
  4. Possession: The amount of time a team spends in possession of the ball during a match, often expressed as a percentage.
  5. Duels Won: The number of duels or challenges won by a player, including aerial duels, tackles, and 50-50 challenges.
  6. Interceptions: The number of times a player or team intercepts the ball from the opposition.
  7. Distance Covered: The total distance covered by players during a match, which can provide insights into their work rate and fitness levels.
  8. Fouls Committed and Suffered: The number of fouls committed by a player or team, as well as the number of fouls suffered.

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